* 教育向け音声信号処理ライブラリpyssp [#j2bf6e6d]





*解説 [#q08ddd7a]

** voice enhancement [#bad64bdc]


*** 参考文献 [#ib5c9768]
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** voice activity detection [#a949c187]

*** 参考文献 [#i1f75476]

+ J. Ramirez, "Voice activity detection with noise reduction and long-term spectral divergence estimation.", ICASSP, 2004.

** noise tracking [#u880427d]

*** 参考文献 [#da8e7733]
+ R. Martin, "Noise power spectral density estimation based on optimal smoothing and minimum statistics.", IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing, 2001.


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